Warzone players annoyed by loadout drop change ahead of Season 3

Warzone loadout drop in CalderaActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have voiced their frustrations with the loadout change coming just ahead of Season 3, with some suggesting it disrupts the pacing of matches. 

While the typical battle royale formula has been about dropping in, grabbing whatever loot you can off the floor, and then moving into fights, Warzone changed that a bit with the introduction of loadouts and loadout drops.

Even though you can buy your own loadout drop, there are a few free ones that drop throughout the game – making them a hot commodity for players who want to rack up kills, given that they can camp the drop and wait for unsuspecting players.

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The timings of these free drops have been altered again recently in Warzone, and some players aren’t all that happy about it, and they’d like to see things changed before long.

player taking cover behind a loadout box in warzoneActivision
The timing of loadout drops has been a constant issue since the Vanguard integration.

The timing of the first free drop was changed in the April 19th update, bringing it into play within the first few minutes of the match. This has caused frustrations for players who’ve experienced enemies camping it right off the rip.

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