Warzone players already hate Armored War Machines before they’re added in Season 2

Tank in CoD Modern WarfareActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have been left annoyed with the news that Armored War Machines – tanks, basically – will be coming in the Season 2 update, as they want Raven to focus on other issues. 

The integration between Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone was met with plenty of hype from CoD fans, as many were excited to dive into the new map of Caldera.

However, it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing for the CoD battle royale. Players have been left frustrated with some key gameplay changes, bugs and glitches have continued to stack up, and cheaters have had their way despite the launch of RICOCHET.

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The highly-anticipated Season 2 update is right around the corner, and while it should address some of the battle royale’s biggest issues, it seems to have caused another big headache with the announcement of Armored War Machines.

Warzone poster with new vehiclesActivision
Warzone Season 2 will bring new vehicles to Caldera.

If you’re out of the loop, no, the Armored War Machines are not an upgraded version of the classic CoD killstreak. They are, instead, just tanks that’ll be dropping into on Caldera.

While some fans are happy about the new content, not everyone is, stating they’d rather just have updates that address the big issues. “I’d rather just have a stable game at this point then new content,” said one.

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“With all the issues this game has, in what world would anyone want “armored war machines” in this already broken game? Does anyone actually listen to the community?” questioned another CoD fan. “Is league play releasing when season 2 does or are we just going to add pointless things like “armored war machines” and “tanks” and “motorcycles,” commented another.

Some players also joked that the new vehicles will only be available for a short while before hackers manage to get their hands on them – making them fly around the map like they have with Berthas.

As of writing, it hasn’t been confirmed if the new vehicles will be locked to a limited-time mode, or in normal battle royale games, but players are worried.

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