Warzone players accuse anti-cheat devs of taking “vacation” as cheaters exposed

Ryan Lemay
Warzone Pacific gameplay

Despite numerous updates and attempts from Raven Software in ridding Warzone of hacking — cheaters are still slipping through the cracks and disrupting servers. 

The Warzone devs recently introduced a feature to its Ricochet anti-cheat system called “weapon disarm.” Essentially, when cheaters are detected, their guns and firsts are rendered useless. Raven Software regularly releases updates and improvements to its anti-cheat system.

Cheating affects casual and competitive Warzone players. SideLogic, a popular Warzone streamer, was accused of cheating by his girlfriend.

TimTheTatman showed a hilarious example of Ricochet doing its job correctly, but two videos surfaced on Reddit displaying quite the opposite.

ricochet anti-cheat
RICOCHET has dropped, but cheats have not gone away in their entirety.

Cheating continues to plague Warzone players

In the video below a player uses a zipline and then is immediately gunned down by a player who most likely is using some sort of aimbot.

One person commented “cheating. 100%,” and it received 361 upvotes. Another person added, “do you know how hard it is to “insta-lock” on a guy free-falling out of one of those things? It is 100% a hacker and the level alone should have given it away.”

The next video in question shows a player blatantly locking on to several different people scattered across different locations.

One user commented, “I just don’t understand how people sit there and play multiple games and enjoy cheating and don’t feel bad. It is truly sociopathic.”

Another person stated, “It has been really bad the last couple of weeks. The game is getting to be unplayable and my squad sees them almost every game now.

Cheating appears to still be a consistent issue in Warzone. Ricochet works, but is it working enough to keep players satisfied? Some members of the community appear to have reservations.