Warzone player uses IRL maneuvers to finesse in-game gunfight

Warzone player uses IRL maneuvers to finesse in-game gunfightActivision

Movement is one of the most important skills to master in Warzone, but a player used a never-before-seen tactic by dodging IRL to avoid bullets being fired in-game.

There are many elements to master in Warzone and while gun skill is one of the basic features, it stems far beyond shooting a weapon.

Even though it sounds easy to move around on the map, not many people can do it quite like the king himself, JoeWo.

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However, a Warzone player breaks into the Matrix and could be the new finesse king thanks to a new IRL tactic to stay alive.

Warzone streamer dodges bullets on face cam 

In this clip, you can see the player, ‘Med1cine’ got caught in a gunfight while trying to loot a dead body and what he did next was absolutely crazy.

Naturally, he did what any gamer would do, dodged the bullets but he did this in a hilarious fashion. While his character was running away and finessing the enemies, Med1cine also decided to start weaving from his chair.

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For a straight minute, we get to see the Warzone steamer duck, dive, dip, and dodge every bullet that is being fired. It gets so excessive that he even manages to throw his face out of view of the camera.

Some fans got into the spirit as well, with one claiming to have moved along, dodging the bullets while watching this mind-boggling play. “Looking at this had me dodging IRL with you.”

Now, we’re not saying that this gives you superpowers but clearly this was giving him some magical advantage as he stayed alive for nearly a full minute when he should’ve died within seconds.

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