Warzone player trolls enemies with brilliant Claymore strategy

Warzone player using Riot ShieldActivision

One of the things that makes Warzone special is the sheer number of tactics players can use to earn the win, and one player has found a hilarious method of trolling enemies with Claymores and a Riot Shield.

There’s no shortage of ways to dispatch an enemy in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded. From using one of the game’s meta loadouts to the huge range of equipment on offer, players are spoilt for choice when picking how they want to rack up the kills.

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With many options at their disposal, it’s no surprise that some players come with high IQ methods of eliminating their opponents, sending them to the Gulag before they even know what hit them.

One clever Warzone player has done exactly that, using Claymores to terrorize lobbies and score plenty of kills on unsuspecting enemies.

Warzone player trolls enemies with Riot Shield and Claymore combo

Reddit user LordTexugo posted a compilation of clips showing off their impressive Claymore strategy, which clearly scored them a huge number of kills on Caldera, using the equipment alongside a Riot Shield, Kali Sticks, and Stun Grenades.

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In almost every clip, the player approached an enemy behind the cover of a Riot Shield, before hitting them with a Stun Grenade. While the opposing players were unable to turn quickly, they placed two Claymores at their feet, enough to down and finish them off in one fell swoop.

What was even more impressive was how, in some situations, if the player was against two a squad of two or more, they would use the Kali Sticks to deal out enough damage so that the Claymores still downed them when they triggered.

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The Riot Shield and Stun Grenade combination is nothing new in Warzone, but players rocking this setup usually choose a Throwing Knife as their Lethal. Other members of the community seemed to appreciate LordTexugo mixing things up with Claymores.

“This is my favorite WZ video now, thank you for making me smile at this game. Been a while,” said one reply.

“This is comedy Gold. They all just pop,” said another. “And the best thing about it is they never see a thing coming.

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Although at this point many CoD fans may be looking ahead to Warzone 2, this amusing compilation proves there is still fun to be had in the OG battle royale for those willing to think outside the box.

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