Warzone player shows off legendary blueprint weapon that annihilates team

An operator in Warzone Season 2 ReloadedActivision

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded gave Rebirth Island a complete makeover with a slew of Legendary weapon blueprints to find and use. This one loadout, in particular, has raised a few eyebrows as it’s shredding enemies. 

Warzone players have been impressed with using the new features found on Rebirth Island since the March 23 mid-season update. From Easter egg keycards to the Weapon Trade System, the community has been loving the content. 

However, one of the newest additions, legendary blueprint weapons found on Rebirth Island, have captivated quite the buzz. There are 15 of these blueprint weapons located throughout Rebirth Island, waiting for you to wield them in all their glory. 

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These guns are immensely powerful, with some being better than others, but one, in particular, has raised a few eyebrows within the Warzone fan base.

The Denominator in Warzone Activision
The Denominator is one of the legendary blueprint weapons found on Rebirth island

Warzone player shows off the Denominator 

Redditor Neekhac uploaded a video of him finding the Denominator, a legendary blueprint for the Black Ops Cold War Stoner 63, in the basement of Bioweapon Labs. 

Equipping the gun almost immediately, the Redditor can be seen sprinting across the way to make his escape into a nearby building. Then, taking cover and readjusting his focus towards the door he previously entered, he awaits his prey. 

Using the might of the Denominator, Neekhac shows off the weapon and lays waste to three players attempting to soil his run at a Warzone victory. The damage and the fire rate of the gun are incredibly wicked as the shots eliminate their targets effortlessly. 

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What’s most interesting about the Denominator’s prowess is that the gun hasn’t been used by many on Rebirth Island in the past, but now is putting on an eye-raising performance.