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Warzone player reveals “pro” strategy to make Claymores & Proximity Mines even deadlier

Published: 27/Mar/2022 22:45

by Jaret Kappelman


A thrifty Warzone player has discovered a trick with gas canisters that actually makes equipment like Claymores and Proximity Mine a lot more useful in the battle royale.

When playing Warzone, players will typically lean toward meta loadouts, as they tend to give you the best chance at winning.

However, that doesn’t mean that less popular items are completely useless and not viable to pick up wins.

When it comes to equipment, players will usually run throwing knives or grenades, but a new strategy is actually making two other items really useful as well.

Warzone strat to make Claymores & Proximity Mines better

Pro tip: place gas canisters near claymores and proximity mines from CODWarzone

In a Reddit post by ‘domthebomb83’ the user talks about a “pro tip” that they discovered, which involves Claymores and Proximity Mines blowing people to pieces.


Claymores and Proximity Mines are pretty easy to spot or run through, so they aren’t used as much. However, Dom says that if you simply find a gas canister and place it near your equipment it will result in a mass explosion.

One Redditor said, they have tried this before and found it to be one of the greatest things. “I stacked 3 at one door once with a Claymore. Buddy [enemy] went down and then died in the last explosion.”

Warzone gas cans
Gas Cans can make Claymores and Proximity Mines even stronger.

We’ve seen strategies with gas cans in the past, as they served as a great counter to zipliners, but now it’s serving a great purpose for off-meta loadouts.


According to WZRanked, Claymores and Proximity Mines both rank in the bottom half when it comes to pick rate of equipment. However, this trick could make these see a little increase in use as they create massive explosions.

So, if you’re a camper or like to catch enemies by surprise, definitely give this a try in your next game.