Warzone player praised for doing ‘gods work’ with hilarious bomber strat

Warzone Bomber PlaneActivision

Fighter and bomber planes returned to Warzone in Season 4, but one player took it upon themselves to keep them out of the air for good.

Pilots abused fighter and bomber planes to boost their K/D, outraging the community. Players complained that it was to easy racking up high kill games using planes.

Raven Software removed planes for three months on March 4 and pledged to investigate the issue. Players called on the developers to remove planes permanently after enjoying their absence.

However, after a 16-month hiatus, Planes are back in the skies of Caldera. Despite being nerfed, they are still an ever-present threat to anyone below.

One selfless Warzone player went out of their way to make match experiences more enjoyable for other players. All it took was some C4 and a little bit of patience.

Warzone player praised for taking down bomber

Planes returned to Warzone in the Season 4 update.

Reddit user zmunky posted a clip of themselves hilariously blowing up six unsuspecting bomber plane pilots. The player planted C4 on a bomber plane while on the runway and then would proceed to hide in a bush.

Once an enemy got in the bomber plane and attempted to take off, the patient Warzone player would blow them out of the sky. Their efforts were lauded by others.

One player responded, “He’s destroying them to save the rest of the lobby from dealing with that. He is literally the unsung hero of the lobby.”

A second user amusingly added, “That brought a tear. The beauty of it all.”

Several players noted that the video reminded them of Battlefield’s glory days. Battlefield is infamous for its ludacrious sandbox comical moments like the one above.

If you notice a lack of airplanes above you during a Warzone match, you now know who to thank.