Warzone player outplays Riot Shield trolls with simple trick

Warzone player using Riot ShieldActivision

Facing off against Riot Shield users in Warzone can be extremely frustrating, but fortunately, a player found a perfect counter.

Warzone’s time under the sun comes to an end soon. Warzone 2 releases on November 16, and Activision is yet to reveal the original battle royale’s fate. When Caldera replaced Verdansk in 2021, we never saw Warzone’s original map see the light of day again.

These last few weeks could be the last time we see Caldera, Rebirth Island, or Fortune’s Keep, so players should take advantage of everything on hand. That means trying unconventional loadouts, creating memorable moments, or uncovering new secrets.

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The dying embers of Warzone also present the perfect opportunity to give trolls a taste of their own medicine. One player shared a simple trick to deal with Riot Shield users.

Infinity Ward
Riot Shields can be abused in the right hands.

How to deal with Riot Shield trolls in Warzone

When you come across a player using a Riot Shield in Warzone, you know you are in store for a frustrating gunfight. The overpowered weapon protects you from bullets in the front and even covers your back when equipping another gun.

There are plenty of viral videos of Riot Shield players getting crazy kills, but the shoe is finally on the other foot for once.

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Reddit user BrunoJohn117 shared a video using a vehicle to maneuver around a Riot Shield user and even got back in the car to avoid a stun grenade.

One player responded, “nice use of the car to dodge the stun. 1000 IQ.”

A second user added, “I would have panic died or driven off into the gas and died 99/100 times; well done.”

The player was praised by community members as a third person said, “that was some smooth, innovative stuff! Great use of the car.”

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Take the opportunity to be inventive and take in all Warzone has to offer while you still can.