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Warzone player in “rat spot” gets ultimate karma after abusing map glitch

Published: 31/Mar/2022 18:03 Updated: 1/Apr/2022 10:14

by Andrew Highton


Rat spots are popular hideout sections on a map where a player can camp, unnoticed, and score some easy kills. Warzone Pacific has some of its own spots, and a combatant has been caught using one, only for their actions to come back and bite them.

The words “win at all costs” are the mantra for rat spot abusers as they are happy to sit back, pick off some scraps, and set themself up for a chance at winning — especially if the circle is generous.

The recently rejuvenated Rebirth Island is home to its own rat infestation, and we’ve already covered a couple of other instances of rattiness in Caldera. Now, a seemingly new spot has surfaced, an almost impossible space to occupy that one Warzone player benefitted from and soon had the tables turned on them.


warzone caldera screenshot of village area
Caldera is massive, which leaves plenty of room for vermin.

Warzone Caldera’s rat problem

A necessity of Caldera is running around and scavenging for useful items that will stand you in good stead en route to an end-game fight in Call of Duty: Warzone.

This is why it must have been difficult for CoD Reddit user Cdony92 who was doing just that with 6 kills already in the bag, plenty of cash, and a full armor satchel. They bought and used a UAV, went after the nearest enemy, only to be gunned down in frustrating fashion by a player hiding in a box.

Clearly, this didn’t deter Cdony92 as they quickly won their Gulag fight, dropped near to the scene of the conflict, brought down a Precision Airstrike on the box-friendly player, before finally sniffing them out and defeating them in a 1v1.


Commenters on the Reddit post were quick to side with the OP with one person saying: “How is sitting in that box all game even fun bruh” and another person saying: “Must be some cheese in there.”

There are different ways that players can go about winning a game of Warzone, granted, but perhaps players will reconsider hiding in a box for the duration of a game.