Warzone player goes Mission Impossible with unbelievable midair plane hijack

Theo Salaun. Last updated: Dec 24, 2021
call of duty warzone pacific plane mission impossible stunt tom cruise
Activision / Skydance Productions

Some Call of Duty: Warzone plays simply need to be seen to be believed. And this one, a mid-air, mid-dogfight plane hijack? It certainly fits that standard, as even the player couldn’t believe they pulled it off.

When planes were introduced to Warzone with Pacific, Caldera, we all knew things were going to get spicy. The possibilities felt limitless and, when streamers started hitting seat-swap snipes, the surface began getting scratched.

Now, we’ve officially gone deeper. A Warzone streamer by the name of ‘Paranga’ pulled off an action movie stunt that sets a new bar for airborne theatrics in the battle royale.

In the clip, Paranga loses a dogfight as their plane gets destroyed by a trailing enemy. So, they jump out and… manage to land on the enemy’s plane, killing them and hijacking it.

Warzone player hijacks enemy plane mid-air

As you see in the clip, Paranga keeps their cool when their plane gets destroyed. Feeling the shots from behind, they quickly eject, popping the parachute and immediately landing on the trailing enemy’s plane.

Once on their foe, Paranga downs them out of the cockpit with a pistol and instantly hops into the driver’s seat. Moments later, amid top-volume shrieks of victory, the flying vessel is pulled out of its downward descent and Paranga is free to continue their reign of terror.

Warzone’s planes have brought a ton of new opportunities to the BR.

While some in the comments have compared Paranga’s play to a Battlefield “rendezook,” it’s not exactly the same. A rendezook is when you jump out of an aircraft, shoot down an enemy aircraft, and then pop back into yours before it, or you, crashes to the ground. 

Paranga’s play is more like a stunt from the Mission Impossible series, something truly obnoxious and ill-advised to attempt.

Now, though, we’re left wondering just what else these planes are capable of. If players can hit seat-swap snipes and mid-air hijacks, maybe we’re not so far off from the first-ever rendezook in Warzone.