Warzone player gets ultimate revenge after teammate steals loot

. 2 years ago
Warzone loot box

Having your loot stolen away by a random teammate in Warzone can be very frustrating, but one player has revealed their tactic for handling the situation and it’s just perfect. 

The game has hundreds of Loot Boxes waiting to be opened right across Verdansk and also on Rebirth Island. Opening them will see a number of weapons and handy items come spilling out, some of which will be difference makers for you.

However, if you have dropped into this – or any other – battle royale game, you will be all too aware that opening a Loot Box doesn’t always mean you will be the one taking the loot inside. People love to yoink it away right after the goods are revealed.

Well, if you’re sick to your back teeth of this happening to you, there’s one clip you need to see.

Warzone airport tower helicopter
Your thieving Warzone teammate won’t see this coming.

How to stop Warzone players stealing your loot

Reddit user just-here-2-par-t revealed their hilarious revenge strategy on December 30, which involves the use of a helicopter.

As the clip shows, a teammate comes right behind them and swoops away the Loot Box contents from their Scavenger contract. Moments later, they both jump inside the chopper and the user heads right for a nearby building, only to eject at the final moment.

It goes without saying that the fate for his teammate was both hilarious and deserved, as they’re downed in the explosion. “That wasn’t yours to take” is an apt way to describe the player’s feelings about getting mugged off, so that’s what they titled the clip as.

So, next time this annoying routine happens to yourself, you know what to do. Many pilots actually use this tactic already as well, crashing their helicopter into buildings to annoy people, so it’s not exactly a high-IQ play but definitely fits the crime.

With just a helicopter and an unsuspecting thief of a teammate, you could be waving them off to the Gulag in no time.

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