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Warzone player finds perfect Rebirth Island successor and James Bond fans will love it

Published: 1/Jan/2022 16:21

by Shay Robson


A Warzone player has claimed they’ve found a perfect real-life location for another Resurgence map that could replace the popular fast-paced environment Rebirth Island.

The Resurgence mode is one of the many ways Warzone players can enjoy the battle royale. Set on Rebirth Island – based on the real-life Alcatraz Island in San Francisco – Resurgence supports up to 64 players and was introduced to Warzone in December 2020.

The mode allows for a smaller and more faster-paced experience but some argue the tiny map can get repetitive. Nonetheless, one player claims to have found a perfect location for the next Resurgence map.


Warzone's Rebirth Island map in Resurgence
Rebirth Island offers a smaller, more fast-paced BR experience.

On December 30, a Warzone player pointed out in a Reddit thread that Hashima Island would make for a great Resurgence mode map.

The island, based off the coast of Japan, was abandoned in 1974 and has virtually become a ghost town since. It was also featured in the hit 2012 James Bond movie Skyfall; the setting from which Javier Bardem’s villain hacked MI6.

Some players were behind the idea of adding more Resurgence maps: “That’d be dope. I really want them to add more resurgence maps; I love Rebirth, sure, but that’s pretty much all my squad wants,” said one player. “That tiny map gets old. Surely, since it’s so much smaller than the main BR, they could add at least 2-3 more and rotate them.”


Others weren’t fond of the proposed map and took into consideration the amount of rooftop campers that it would have: “Ah yes, The Skyfall island. I can imagine the roof campers now.”

With the classic Verdansk map being replaced by Caldera as a result of Warzone’s integration with Vanguard, Raven may take the idea of a new Resurgence map into consideration.