Warzone player devises most toxic way to troll Roze player for a win

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s Roze skin got nerfed, but people still have spicy feelings about it. Now, players are delighted by a clip of someone trolling and killing a Roze for the most toxic victory of all time.

They say “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” – but they don’t say how you should act once you’ve joined them. So, one Warzone player has taken that advice, joined them, and then — like some sort of undercover agent — proceeded to beat them in devilish fashion.

A redditor by the name of ‘Veggieman21’ seems to have beef (sorry, pun intended) with their Warzone enemies. Wearing a Roze skin themself, Veggie downed another darkly outfitted foe in the final circle for a 1v1 and came up with the cruelest way to finish them off.

Veggie essentially gave their enemy a sliver of hope, like any sneaky troll would, before infuriating them and earning some… venomous death comms. But, you know what, spoilers are poor etiquette, so you can just watch the video below. 

As can be seen from Veggie’s POV, they down the enemy with a FFAR (quick kudos to the lad or lass for being an off-meta crusader). Then they walk up to the self-reviving opponent and set two Claymores at their feet.

With zero plates, full confidence, and a heart filled with toxic tendencies, Veggie then watches as the fallen Roze finishes their self-res, gets up, and is blown to smithereens by both Claymores.

The next moments are glorious: a furious “you motherf**ker stupid —” death comm followed by a satisfied chuckle from the legume leviathan themself.

Warzone Roze skinsActivision
Roze has changed, but many feelings toward her have stayed the same.

The Roze skin was nerfed again in Warzone, so it’s starting to lose some of the haters that it once has. And, honestly, it’s not even clear that Veggieman wanted to be that toxic with this player just because they were donning the infamous outfit.

What is clear is that Veggie has raised the new bar for trolling players in Warzone. Forget teabagging, forget executions, and forget sprays — it’s Season 4 and we’re all about claymores and chuckles.