Warzone streamer accuses player of cheating in Gulag, turns out they were just better

. 1 year ago
RussDaddy (Twitch)

Warzone’s hacking problem continues to cause problems for legitimate players, but the problem has gotten so bad that the number of false accusations are rising. 

Warzone is certainly no stranger to cheating. In fact, Season 1 games have been flooded with aim-botters, wall hackers, and players that exploit game-breaking glitches to get an unfair advantage. Despite numerous bans and the shutting down of cheat websites, Activision has failed to control the cheating problem that continues to run rampant in Warzone. 

Since the game’s launch, many Call of Duty streamers have been vocal about Warzone’s lackluster anti-cheat system. Things have gotten so bad that players like NICKMERCS have decided to quit competitive Warzone tournaments for good. However, due to the game’s competitive nature and the sheer amount of cheaters, it can sometimes be tricky to determine whether players are actually hacking. 

Warzone streamer cheating accusation

Warzone spectating
RussDaddy (Twitch)
It can often be tricky to tell who is cheating and who isn’t in Warzone.

After all, 100 Thieves’ Tommey recently apologized for falsely accusing a fellow competitor in the $200,000 Twitch Rivals event. Not only did this lead to the player being disqualified from the competition, they also received a lot of backlash from fellow viewers who jumped on the cheating bandwagon. 

It’s certainly not uncommon to be labeled as a cheater in Warzone, especially when nearly every lobby has players running around with aimbot and wallhacks on. However, now another legitimate player has found themselves being called a cheater on stream. 

Reddit user, felineprotector uploaded a clip of them beating Warzone Streamer RussDaddy in the Gulag. “Nothing feels better than being called a hacker by a streamer when you’re legit,” says felineprotector. This comes after RussDaddy claimed that they had been cheating after the streamer lost his Gulag match. 

Felineprotector’s Gulag strategy seems so well-calculated, it’s not surprising the streamer thought he was cheating. “If I have the side without a car, I fake like I’m a bot jumping on the perch then bunnyhop to cut them off from the car,” says the Warzone player. “Either you get them, get hit markers and have an advantage for a push, or you know they are in spawn.”

This certainly explains how RussDaddy got beamed so quickly, and why the streamer thought that felineprotector was hacking. However, the real irony of this particular encounter is that the falsely accused player ended up running into a real hacker later in the game. 

“The best part is we ended up getting killed by the actual hacker he mentions, just blatantly aim-botting.” It certainly seems Warzone’s cheating problem isn’t going anywhere soon, but we’ll see if Activision manages to deal with the problem for good when the new season hits servers later this year. 

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