Warzone “pay to win” XM4 blueprint has better stats than base weapon

Warzone pay to win XM4 blueprintActivision

Warzone players have discovered a new “pay to win” XM4 blueprint in the game, offering better stats than the base weapon and making it an even more powerful pick.

The XM4 has started to become more common in Verdansk since the launch of Season 3, offering a viable short-range alternative to the likes of the Mac 10 or the FFAR.

The FFAR — another Cold War assault rifle — became particularly prevalent since the game’s integration in December 2020, firmly a part of the meta thanks to its incredible firepower up close.

With the Season 3 nerf of the weapon, players have been looking for a replacement, and the XM4 seems to be a favorite, but this blueprint for it makes it even better.

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Warzone XM4 great pacific blueprintActivision
The Great Pacific XM4 blueprint has a better damage profile than the standard version.

The blueprint was first brought to light by TrueGameData in his May 2 YouTube upload, in which he assesses the Great Pacific blueprint alongside the base XM4 that has become so popular in Verdansk ‘84.

According to TrueGameData, the Great Pacific XM4 is different in a couple of key factors. The first, most immediately noticeable one when using it will be the iron sights, which are a little more zoomed out than the base weapon and provide a greater field of view when ADS.

More importantly though, even though recoil is slightly higher, the ADS is quicker and provides a better TTK, with a 20% increase in fire rate on the standard XM4.

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The Great Pacific XM4 was a Season 1 addition to Cold War included in the ‘Tracer Pack: Indigo’ bundle. It costs 1800 COD Points, which equates to roughly around the $15 range.

If you’re able to control the increased recoil, especially by adding certain attachments, this will be a perfect replacement for the FFAR in close-quarters gunfights, but you’ve got to be willing to pay the price.