Warzone Pacific players are questioning size of Caldera map: “Where is everybody?”

Warzone pacific planeActivision

Warzone Pacific has arrived and Vanguard owners have received their first taste of the Caldera map, and the oversized locale has them desperate for a higher engagement rate. 

The new age of Warzone is here and many players are expressing their disappointment over the scale of the new map and a general lack of opportunities to fight other players.

From the trenches of professional play to a more casual point of view, the collective experience has largely been one of worry more about the storm than other players and frustrations are starting to rise because of it.

Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map is “too big”

POI in Warzone Pacific's Caldera mapActivision
The new map is undoubtedly gorgeous but players are frustrated by the lack of engagements between POIs.

Warzone streamer Rated was one of the first players to give out direct feedback about the map.

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The former pro player was hesitant to criticize the current state of the game, but he did have a clear wish for its future: “Add 100 players & then I’ll judge the map. Right now I’m just playing a running simulator so I’ll hold my judgement.”

That opinion seemed to hold up across the competitive community, with fellow streamer Almxnd also having an increased player count on his wishlist for the game: “A couple of my initial thoughts from playing so far: Add more players per lobby (200+), buff default Bullet Velocity on all guns, buff Visual Recoil, be able to buy Loadouts off spawn.”

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It’s not just the pros that are unhappy though. Even casual players are having a tough time with the slower pacing of Caldera.

One user noted how the lack of activity on the map only exaggerates the feeling that everything is too big: “I’ve been playing Warzone all day and I feel like I’ve been in 10 gunfights total. Where is everybody? Are they hiding somewhere nice and cozy or are we in for a long year?”

While it’s possible that Raven Software could bump up the player count to get things rolling, there are major issues to address elsewhere in the game, so it could be a while before any significant changes are made.

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