Warzone mythbusters prove whether it’s possible to draw in the game

Jacob Hale
warzone draw

The ultimate goal every time you drop into Verdansk is to see that Warzone Victory screen, having eliminated every opponent that comes your way… but what if there was no way to crown a winner?

While most people play for the win every time, and make sure they’re always in situations to win gunfights and be the last man standing, sometimes that journey can get boring.

For some players, the question has become what if nobody wins? Or, alternatively, what if more than one person wins?

That’s exactly what these Warzone players set to find out — and it definitely returned some weird results.

Warzone image rambo
Fighting for the win in Warzone is clearly no longer in some people’s interests.

YouTube channel DefendTheHouse jumped into a custom lobby, with a group of players dedicated to finding out whether you can draw in Warzone.

After depleting the lobby, the final two players managed to get themselves killed at the same time, then didn’t play their Gulag against each other, effectively leaving them with no winner.

They tested it twice, and both times the victory was gifted to the same player, despite the score, kills, etc. all being dead on 0.

It’s not clear how the game came to this decision, and the players weren’t entirely sure either. In the comments, some are arguing that since Joe was hosting the custom lobby it gave him the win. Of course, with dedicated servers, it’s unclear how accurate this might be.

Another theory was that Joe won the game because he moved closer to the flag in the Gulag. While this typically doesn’t result in a win in regular Warzone matches, it could be the game finding any way to pick a winner rather than end in a draw.

There’s definitely space for more testing to be done, but as of now, it looks like it’s impossible to draw in Warzone.