Warzone Mobile leaks point to return of “alternative” Verdansk map

Warzone Mobile leaks point to return of alternative Verdansk map(1)Activision

Call of Duty leaks are now suggesting that Warzone Mobile will feature an alternative version of the classic Verdansk battle royale map in the port.

Warzone fans were delighted to hear the news on March 10 that a mobile version of the game is finally in development and would be coming at a later date.

Since then, the community has wondered about how the battle royale will make the game’s weapons and maps work in a mobile setting.

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Thanks to a new leak, from well-known CoD leaker ‘TheGhostofHope,’ it appears that Verdansk will actually return in the mobile game, but with a twist.

Warzone Mobile leak hints at Verdansk map

In a tweet on March 14, Ghost claims that Verdansk will be returning on the mobile version but it “is not the same Verdansk we played before on PC and console.”

They claimed that it will be a mix of certain POIs from the original map as well as some new locations for players to explore.

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Ghost also retweeted another post that highlighted a little overview of the map, which is matching up with job listings Activison previously posted.

As seen in the picture, you can see a bit of what the map is rumored to look like. In another screenshot, taken from the Clan Battle background of CoD Mobile, you can see a more complete minimap of this “alternative Verdansk.”

While it is simply an overview and hard to draw conclusions of which POIs are being taken from Verdansk, GhostOfHope claims to have already seen gameplay so the community is taking it all with a grain of salt until it’s official by Activision.

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At the time of writing, this Warzone Mobile still doesn’t have a release date. So make sure to check out our hub and stay updated on all of the latest information.