Warzone Mobile job listing hints controversial CoD Mobile lucky draws will be copied over

Warzone Mobile gameplayActivision

A recent Warzone Mobile job listing has implied that the upcoming handheld Battle Royale will copy after CoD Mobile’s in-game store with the same microtransaction model including the controversial ‘lucky draws.’

Since its official announcement back in March 2022, we’ve known for certain that a mobile port is in the works for Warzone. While official details have been scarce ever since, a wide range of leaks have shown the game in action, revealing all sorts of weapons, features, and even the surprise return of Verdansk.

With developers clearly hard at work porting the hit BR title over to handheld devices, it makes sense the newly formed studio is looking to expand. Having only just opened its doors as an in-house team under Activision Blizzard’s umbrella, Solid State Studios is currently on the lookout for a number of key roles.

One such job listing, however, may have let slip some early intel on the game’s microtransaction model. As spotted through the Content Designer role still visible on the careers page, Warzone Mobile is looking to incorporate similar systems to those found in CoD Mobile today, including battle crates (loot boxes), battle passes, and even lucky draws.

“As a Content Designer on Call of Duty: Warzone for Mobile you will be responsible for helping to create and implement a vision for Call of Duty: Warzone for Mobile live operations content,” the job listing reads.

Through the role, the Content Designer will introduce new “seasonal themes” along with cosmetics for the game. These cosmetics will then be rolled out through “Battle Passes, battle crates, lucky draws, holiday content, and other events.”

CoD Mobile lucky drawActivision
Lucky Draws force players to rely on RNG in order to claim their desired item.

When Warzone Mobile launches in the near future, it’s safe to expect an identical microtransaction model to that found in CoD Mobile today.

This means select items will be unavailable for direct purchase. Instead, players will have to roll the dice through the lucky draw system which the community has been all too frustrated by over the years.

Rare skins, Operators, and the like are often restricted to the lucky draws that all but resemble the act of gambling. For a premium cost, players can repeatedly spin the wheel and hope to land on their desired item. The rarer the cosmetic, the worse the odds of landing on it.

Obviously, the game is still in development so nothing is quite guaranteed just yet. Though if the job listing is anything to go by, it appears the Warzone Mobile microtransaction model is already set in stone.

We’ll have to wait and see just how things pan out, though rest assured we’ll keep you updated here with any further developments.