Warzone lowers juggernaut spawn rate on Rebirth Island after mass complaints

Warzone lowers juggernaut spawn rate on Rebirth Island after mass complaintsActivision

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded revamped Rebirth Island and juggernauts have been ruining matches ever since. However, Raven Software is lowering the spawn rate after the community voiced their frustrations.

The mid-season update has provided a breath of fresh air for Rebirth demons. From new POIs to community challenges, the map feels brand-new.

However, one unwarranted addition includes juggernauts. Much like from Verdansk, these powerful suits can single-handedly changed the trajectory of a match.

As the community boasted their complaints about these robots taking over the island, Raven tweeted that they will be adjusting this.

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Warzone lessens juggernaut spawn rate

In a small March 25 update, Warzone devs revealed that they have “drastically reduced” the chances of a juggernaut spawning on Rebirth Reinforced. From the new update, juggs can drop into the map at any point. This occurs when a public event is triggered, causing them to spawn at that time.

No one knows what triggers this specific event to occur, but Raven Software is aware that they are ruining gameplay and have decided to pull back on it.

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Players were happy with this decision as Twitter user ScottageCheese was one of many that were hyped with this change.

They said, “W after W, good job Raven,” while another user added, “Wow, like deada** a big W!” This wasn’t the only massive change to come from this mini patch as Raven tackled another recent problem.

The devs also have lightened spawn protection for players that are respawning. This was an issue that popped up recently with the influx of people dropping into Rebirth. Raven Software seem to be listening to their community as this is the third day in a row they are addressing problems that have risen.

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