Warzone June 3 update enables High Value Loot Zones, fixes Gulag footstep audio, more

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Warzone player surrounded by ground loot

In addition to the changes made as part of the June 2 Warzone update — adjustments are being made to High-Value Loot Zones, Gulag footstep audio, and Champion of Caldera stat tracking. 

Some of the largest community concerns were addressed in a June 2 Warzone patch, such as a Radar Jammer nerf, Vanguard Assault Rifle nerf, and an improved description for the Serpentine Perk.

A new Limited Time Mode Champion of Caldera was added as well, but some issues did arise after the new update. Raven Software had to decrease the Champion of Caldera player count to 120 from 150 after server stability issues. 

Raven Software released a new small update on June 3 that addresses some of the issues from the June 2 update.

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded artwork
The Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded update went live on May 25.

Warzone High Value Loot Zones, Champion of Caldera fix, and footstep audio adjustments

As seen in the tweet below from Raven Software, a small update addresses High Value Loot Zones, Champion of Caldera stat tracking, and Gulag footstep issues.

Hig Value loot Zones are represented on the map by a $ sign and will provide the “best looting opportunities.”

The patch notes state “We’ve enjoyed seeing how the addition of this new system has pulled players into landing at POIs they otherwise wouldn’t have planned to land. We expect this to be a popular feature.”


As of writing this Champion of Caldera does not track wins, but Raven Software has addressed the issue on its Trello page and are working on a solution.

Gulag footstep audio being heard from other players above when participating in a Gulag match has also been identified by Raven on Trello.

We will provide an update when the Champion of Caldera stats start tracking and when Gulag audio is fixed.

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