Warzone January 20 update: Infinite ammo bug fix, Katana buffs, full patch notes


Call of Duty: Warzone released a new update on January 20, mostly targeted at fixing bugs and adjusting the Katana melee weapon. Headlined by the infinite ammo fix, here are the full patch notes.

Just a day after delaying Vanguard and Warzone Season 2 to focus on fixing the game’s issues, Raven Software are already releasing patches. The first (of possibly many) update addresses five distinct bugs and one weapon.

The centerpiece glitch being patched is the infinite ammo reload-cancel, which allowed players to shoot endlessly with guns like the Type 11. Additionally, bugs like collision issues and contract reward inconsistencies were amended.

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Of interest to the melee community will be the buffs to the Vanguard Katana weapon. This sword received three buffs and one nerf, making it much more viable for players interested in running Ghost loadouts.

Warzone January 20 update: Infinite ammo fix, Katana buffs, more

As mentioned, the main bug players will notice that was fixed is the infinite ammo one. As Raven explained in their patch notes, they’ve now addressed the reload animations which ‘allowed certain weapons to fire continuously.’

Further, the Katana buffs are pretty fun. The weapon’s damage was increased from 135 to 150, its standing and crouching charge ranges were each increased, and to balance it all out – its movement speed was decreased by 2%.

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Warzone January 20 full patch notes

This is the best Type 11 Warzone setup as of January 13 2022Activision
The Type 11 was a Warzone gun that benefited from the infinite ammo glitch.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed collision issues with various elements across Caldera allowing Players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
  • Fixed an issue causing the menu screen to flicker when attempting to join a friend or queue with a party. 
  • Fixed an issue with reload animations allowing certain Weapons to fire continuously.
  • Fixed an issue causing Private Lobby hosts to crash.
  • Fixed an issue causing the regular/Advanced UAV rewards from Big Game Bounty and [TOP SECRET] Contracts to not trigger if the player was in a vehicle or anti-air gun.


Katana (VG)

  • Damage increased from 135 to 150
  • Standing Charge Range increased by 36.5%
  • Crouching Charge Range increased by 17%
  • Move Speed decreased by 2%