Warzone invincibility bug is back and worse than ever


Warzone has seen many bugs throughout the seasons, some being more annoying than others. Invincibility has been something that is ruining Warzone, but this time it’s back as a bug and players are abusing it in solos. 

While there have been many glitches in Warzone, one that is certainly no stranger to the streets of Verdansk is invincibility.

From the previous god-mode hacks to normal players just not taking damage, variations have been around for quite some time.

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Now, there is a bug that is bringing back invincibility and anyone can do it, ruining the warzone experience for the majority of players.

Riot shield bugActivision
Warzone players are frustrated that riot shields are causing an invincibility glitch.

Warzone Rytec and Riot Shield are causing invincibility bug

Players are fuming over Warzone’s latest glitch, this is allowing players to become invincible and never die. While many thought this was an act of hackers, it is actually a bug that anyone can do.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘NuttyMcCrunch’ shows themself in a solo game when they encountered a couple of players with riot shields. These players were teaming up in the solo mode and were invincible.

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After the player dies they stayed in the game to spectate. You can see that these other players are teaming up in solos and every time they take damage it just leaves them at one health point.

One Redditor was quick to point out that this is a bug and not a hack. This glitch is happening when players use a riot shield and get shot by a Rytec sniper. Another player links to a previous Reddit thread that showcases this issue when using explosive rounds on the Rytec. This video shows a player with one health point running around with a riot shield.

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In the thread, you can see tons of videos showing off this broken bug and how it is running games. Players in this thread said it would be hard to replicate as the Rytec is not popular at all in Warzone. However, when people are teaming with one another this glitch can become game-breaking.

For now, there has been no word from Activision about fixing this insanely annoying bug, but the community is pushing really hard as this is destroying the state of BR Solos.

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