Warzone hacker’s climbing cheat exposed in 40 kill game killcam

Warzone Pacific Characters in GunfightActivision

A Warzone cheater’s bizarre climbing hack was exposed for the world to see thanks to the killcam and it has left the community fearing that hackers are becoming more creative.

Hackers have been around since Warzone inception and while Activision has stepped up their fight against cheaters with Richochet anti-cheat, not all end up getting detected.

As the war with cheaters wages, it seems like hackers have had to get a bit creative with their ways of going undetected and that means less of the traditional wallhacks and aimbots and more outlandish methods.

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That’s exactly what Warzone player ‘Rip-Falcon’ experienced firsthand during a match when a hacker unleashed a wild new cheat onto the unsuspecting combatant.

Hackers in warzoneActivision
Warzone hackers are using melee to their advantage.

Hacker’s Warzone climbing cheat exposed

In a clip posted to Reddit, Rip-Falcon’s squadmates were voicing their frustration with a hacker eliminating them and sending them to the gulag.

After getting the call that the cheater was coming up the rocks, Rip-Falcon prepared for a confrontation but was shocked when the hacker’s speed drastically increased and took a melee straight to the cranium.

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“What?!” the player gasped. “He climbed up right there?”

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In the killcam, you can see the hacker use their melee to gain a massive speed boost and travel up the cliff in seconds, completely catching his adversary off-guard.

“I mean, I know the dude was hacking since he had 40 kills, but it was something I hadn’t seen before. People are getting creative with the hacks,” Red-Falcon commented on the thread.

“The hack is increased melee distance iirc, he’s using that to climb,” another wrote. “Pretty creative ngl, still a hacking f**k.”

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Others remarked how they experienced the exact same thing in their games and hoped that action would be taken against the cheater in the future. In any case, this is just the latest innovation in the battle between devs and hackers.