Warzone hackers can now crash anyone’s game and are targeting streamers

warzone hacker tommey dev error crashActivision / Pexels, Sora Shimazaki

As brought to light by 100 Thieves Warzone pro Tommey, there seems to be a nightmarish new hack in CoD’s battle royale. While queuing up for a tournament, a random user joined his group and… immediately crashed the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone players are no strangers to hacks and PC players are no strangers to dev errors. In a twisted mélange of fate, those two issues seem to have joined forces in the game’s newest terror.

Loading into Verdansk alongside his teammate, Fifakill, Tommey was confused when a random user joined their group. Moments later, he was even more confused as said player simply greeted them and Tommey’s Warzone client immediately crashed.

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Tommey first posted about the issue on Twitter, before going back in and double-checking that the unthinkable had really happened. Shortly after, he shared video proof of the forced dev error.

As can be seen in Tommey’s first tweet, a user with a ridiculously cryptic name joined he and Fifakill in the pregame lobby. Apparently, this user “said hello and then gave [Tommey] a dev error.”

Unsure if that was actually possible or not, the 100 Thieves content creator jumped back in and seemed to have rejoined the user to test it out. 

After the random user was denied repeatedly when asking if Tommey had any questions, the game client suddenly crashed. They seemed to want Tommey to ask how they’re doing the weird hack, and appeared to be disappointed when he declined.

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At the moment, it’s unclear if this is a new or simply a newly emerging hack — or what exactly causes it. For now, though, players ought to set their in-game groups to invite-only so that random hackers can’t join up and ruin their session.