Warzone hacker claims they cheat because all the streamers do

Warzone hacker claims they cheat because all the streamers doActivision

YouTuber JoeWo sat down with a Warzone hacker to see why they contribute to the battle royale’s problem with cheaters – and their response largely blamed streamers who they accuse of cheating as well.

Cheating has been an ongoing issue in the streets of Verdansk for well over a year. With Vanguard bringing a new anti-cheat, this issue could be on the decline but that’s not until November.

Warzone star JoeWo ran into a hacker and had a conversation with them. Turns out they think that streamers cheat too.

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A Warzone hacker believes that all streamers cheat as well.

Warzone hacker suggests they cheat because streamers do

For those that may have missed it, there has been tons of drama surrounding ZLaner and other streamers who are being accused of cheating. While all Warzone pros vouch for them some people aren’t convinced otherwise.

JoeWo was dropping into solo matches for a bit of fun when he ran into a cheater. After the game, he decided to invite him into his lobby for a chat and asked them why they cheat.

The hacker responded to JoeWo’s question and said, “If you want to tell you the god’s honest truth, have you not seen all the s**t on these streamers cheating and s**t.”

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They specifically called out HusKerrs and Swagg saying, “No-recoil f**king HusKerrs cheats, no-recoil Swagg cheats, you can’t tell me they don’t.” JoeWo responded, confirming that he’s seen both of them play in-person, and they don’t hack.

The cheater also accounted for streamer’s high K/D’s to link them toward cheating. JoeWo asked the cheater what their K/D was before hacking. Turns out the player had a 1.04 before buying cheats and currently has an 8.88 K/D according to CoD Tracker.

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JoeWo ended by saying this is a career and these streamers are pouring hours of their life into this game to become the best, and people need to accept that they are people that are good at Warzone without needing to cheat.