Warzone gurus JGOD & TrueGameData explain why “melee lunge” doesn’t exist

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Warzone experts JGOD and TrueGameData have responded to calls from the community to nerf melee lunge by saying it’s not possible to fix something that doesn’t exist. 

There are many different Warzone analysts in the scene, but none are more trusted than the likes of JGOD and TrueGameData.

These two are usually defining the pro weapon meta, finding secret changes, and giving tips to improve a player’s gameplay. Now, they are shutting down a long community cry, where players are asking for melee lunge to be nerfed,

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If you have spent any time on Warzone, then you most certainly have had your share of “unfair” melee deaths. Lunging has been a large complaint ever since Warzone came out. From countless calls to nerfing the damage to the ground it covers, players have been vocal, but their request can’t be fulfilled.

JGOD & TrueGameData shut down rumors of melee lunge

In response to a Twitter clip where a player demanded that Raven Software “nerf melee lunge” JGOD laughed at the victim as he said that it doesn’t exist in Warzone.

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JGOD simply referred to this as “desync.” For people that may not know, desync happens when the game does not register where you are on the map. This can happen due to internet connection or server issues.

However, when it does occur, you will notice that it looks like you are really far away from someone creating the “lunge.” But in reality, on their end you are synced up right in front of them so it looks normal.

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It’s a known issue with cameras in Warzone, as explained by JGOD, there are many occurrences of desync throughout the game that lead to unusual gunfights. This is what’s causes people to get punched despite being far away.

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In Warzone, players are complaining about melee lunging but it’s just desync.

Fellow Warzone expert TGD hopped in and back JGOD by saying, “I’m glad someone out there gets it.” He sees people everyday that complain about this “glitch” but realistically it’s a desync problem that can’t be patched in an update.

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Overall, the two agreed that melee lunge isn’t broken in Warzone, just that the game has desync issues, which makes it seem like melee is the problem when it’s actually desync.