Warzone guru WhosImmortal proves abandoned Cold War rifle is still overpowered


Not many people know Warzone quite like WhosImmortal, and he’s brought out the stats to prove that an old Cold War powerhouse weapon is still as strong as ever. 

It has been more than a year since the DMR first took over the Warzone meta alongside the Mac 10.

For a time it was the undisputed king of long-range and is widely considered to be one of the best weapons in the game’s history.

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While a pair of nerfs eventually dropped it back down the ladder, WhosImmortal thinks the community as a whole is overlooking the gun’s true potential.

WhosImmortal explains how the DMR continues to be overpowered in Warzone

DMR in BOCW gunsmith with Warzone Pacific logoActivision
The DMR might not be the unbeatable machine it was before but that doesn’t mean it’s unusable.

Immortal first highlighted stats from TrueGameData to make his point. The DMR ranks well ahead of the pack in terms of close-range (18 meters) TTK and only suffers a slight fall-off in the medium range.

A few weapons, like the C58, win the intermediate distance battle, but the DMR then spikes again at long-range and plants itself back in the number one spot.

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The only thing holding the weapon back is the single-shot nature of the gun. As Immortal puts it, this is a “high risk, high reward” choice that will absolutely put your trigger finger to the test: “It’s not as broken as it was before, but if you’re a good player you can make this build insanely overpowered.”

The gun also features a ton of flexibility in its attachments which means it can be fine-tuned to fit specific playstyles much better than some of the other meta choices.

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Most DMR loadouts are anchored in with the Agency Suppressor and Field Agent Foregrip, but after that, there are no hard rules.

Aggressive players can slap a No Stock on and take advantage of the extra mobilitywhile slower players could add the 20.8″ Strike Team barrel on to make it extra punishing at long range.

While it may remain a niche choice thanks to the fire rate, all of these things combine to make the DMR the perfect replacement for your usual XM4 or Cold War AK.

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