Warzone guru WhosImmortal explains concerns with Modern Warfare 2 TTK

WhosImmortal with MW2 characterActivision / WhosImmortal

Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most-anticipated Call of Duty titles in recent memory, and players can’t wait to see what Infinity Ward has in store. However, CoD expert WhosImmortal has explained why he’s worried about the time-to-kill (TTK) in the upcoming installment.

The buzz surrounding 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 is growing all the time, especially after its explosive gameplay reveal during Summer Game Fest 2022, showing off some impressive campaign footage.

Of course, while the single-player content is a nice distraction, most players come to CoD for the online modes. MW2 multiplayer is gearing up to be the biggest yet, with several classic maps returning and a reworked Gunsmith system.

But even though the response to Modern Warfare 2 has been mostly positive so far, CoD expert WhosImmortal has expressed his concern over the game’s TTK in multiplayer.

modern warfare 2 captain priceActivision
Modern Warfare 2 will release in October.

TTK is a vital part of any multiplayer shooter as it affects how long it takes to score a kill or be killed from the moment a weapon is fired. It fundamentally changes the overall feel and pace of a game, and Call of Duty is known to tweak its TTK year upon year.

In his June 13 video, WhosImmortal said that TTK was the feature he was “most concerned about for MW2.” He pointed toward Infinity Ward’s previous CoD titles as the source of his worry.

“Infinity Ward games usually have a faster TTK,” he explained. “From MW 2019 to now, I think it’s become very clear that the Call of Duty community likes that slightly slower TTK.”

2019’s Modern Warfare had a “ridiculously fast” TTK, while the most recent entry, Vanguard, was also on the quicker end of the spectrum. The YouTuber hoped that Infinity Ward would slow the pace down in 2022 by looking at another game in the series.

“Personally, I feel like the [Black Ops] Cold War TTK was a really good spot, it wasn’t super slow, but you had enough time in a gunfight to react,” he added. “It makes things more competitive. It also gives more feel to a gun in a gunfight, it’s not a split second and it’s over.”

We’re still waiting for our first in-depth look at Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, so it’s unclear right now which direction Infinity Ward has gone with the TTK this time around.

We’ll have to wait until we get our hands on the Modern Warfare 2 beta to see exactly how fast-paced the game feels.