Warzone guru highlights simple trick to get loadout fast on Fortune’s Keep

Connor Bennett
Loadout Drop on the ground in Call of Duty: Warzone

Want to be able to get your favorite loadout within a few minutes of landing on Fortune’s Keep? Well, Warzone guru IceManIsaac has highlighted a strategy that “no one” is using. 

While Warzone follows the classic battle royale formula of being able to pick up items from the ground, it does have its own Call of Duty-themed wrinkles that set it apart from its rival.

The biggest of these is, undoubtedly, the ability to grab a pre-set loadout of your favorite weapons and equipment instead of being stuck using weapons that you find on the ground or pick up from other players.

Grabbing your loadout is simple, you just need $7500 to buy a drop from the buy station, but it can take a little while to gather up enough cash. Though, there is a way to get one pretty quickly and have your favorite weapons from the start of the game.

Fortune's Keep from Warzone
Raven Software
Fortune’s Keep dropped with Season 4, and has proved a hit with players.

The simple yet genius trick was highlighted by NRG’s IceManIsaac, as he explained that you should be grabbing Top Secret Contracts as soon as you land on Fortune’s Keep.

The YouTuber claimed that “no one” is running the tactic and that it works in every playlist – no matter if you’re running as a solo or part of a squad of four. You just have to land on the contract, complete it, and you’ll get $8000.

This is enough to buy a loadout, and it doesn’t take much time at all – especially if you get the Supply Run, given all the boxes will be bunched close together and not spread out like they are on other maps. Plus, you’ll also get a UAV, which can be used to snowball into further kills and even more money.

“I promise, no one has been rocking this Top Secret strat. I pretty much land on these uncontested every game, but you have to be taking advantage of it if you want a fast loadout,” the YouTuber added.

As good as the strategy is, some players just want to get in and start killing enemies rather than running around with no action. Though, don’t be surprised if more players start dropping on the contracts.