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Warzone Gulag glitch lets players get killed by earlier fighters

Published: 23/Jul/2021 19:56

by Jaret Kappelman


A Warzone player was baffled when they died from a claymore in the Gulag, despite only having a Semtex available to them. It turns out, there’s a bizarre glitch allowing players to be killed by the ghosts of former Gulag fighters.

When players die in Verdnask they get captured and taken to the Gulag where they can fight for redeployment.

The Gulag will match you up against someone else in your lobby that is aiming to do the same thing as you. The fight is a mirror matchup with a random preset class.

A Warzone player on Reddit was therefore mind-blown when they died to a claymore, which wasn’t even the lethal their Gulag duel was supposed to have.


The Gulag is a test to fight for redeployment into the game with preset classes.

Gulag doesn’t reset the playing field

This player, ‘Cracky6711,’ had no counterplay to their opponent when they were killed by a Claymore, as seen in the clip below. You can see the person dying to a player that is not in their current gulag match.

Killed by a claymore in a semtex gulag – anyone seen this before? Was it somehow a leftover from a previous gulag or is there some other explanation? from CODWarzone

Their preset class did not have Claymores, they had Semtex, and you can see the killcam glitched out as well and showing a player that is in Verdansk. That is because this Claymore was left over from another player’s Gulag victory.

One person replied to the post saying that sometimes it will happen if the player is still alive. Unexploded claymores from previous Gulag matches can stick around and, as you saw, can end your game.


There is nothing the player can do to reset the battlefield in the Gulag as it is on the devs’ side of things. However, next time you are in the Gulag you might want to be extra cautious just in case a previous fighter left behind a dangerous surprise.