Warzone grandma accused of cheating after insane mid-air snipe

Michael Gwilliam
Tactical gamma in warzone

When it comes to Call of Duty: Warzone, one of the last demographics you expect to see in your games is a literal grandmother, yet one was so good, she was actually accused of cheating after securing an incredible frag.

Michelle Statham, otherwise known as TacticalGramma, went viral last year for her TikTok videos and streams, which have paved the way to over 1.1M followers. That’s more than some people who try to play the game professionally.

To make things even crazier is that she’s actually quite good, at least a lot better than most would think by just looking at her (since she doesn’t really fit the stereotypical gamer profile).

Now, in her most recent TikTok video, the grandma began by landing a nice snipe onto an enemy that seemed too good, even by her own skill standards.

Grandma hits must-see Warzone snipe

“I’m going to get hackusations for that,” she noted. Luckily, the snipe went without controversy, probably because that was just the beginning of her sick plays.

A few moments later, she sniped an enemy in a helicopter in a play somewhat reminiscent of Dr Disrespect’s viral play from earlier in September. If that wasn’t enough, however, she had one more gun trick up her sleeve.

As an enemy was dropping in, TacticalGramma shot him out of the sky, immediately prompting a kerfuffle.

TacticalGrandma call of duty
TacticalGramma slays players in Warzone.

“He sniped me out of the sky, he’s cheating!” the player roared.

“He says I’m cheating because I sniped him out of the sky!” TacticalGrandma laughed.

Thankfully, there wasn’t any extreme drama following the accusations and the grandma was able to achieve victory with her teammates praising her skill, prompting her to title the video “forehead kisses with the best ending ever.”

It’s pretty funny to imagine a grandma cheating in Warzone, but it just goes to show that anyone can be accused of hacking. Hopefully, once the new Vanguard anti-cheat goes live, streamers such as TacticalGramma can play without worrying about facing hackers or being accused of being one.