Warzone glitch makes players freeze as soon as they land

Brianna Reeves
warzone freeze landing glitch cod
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Gameplay footage shared by Call of Duty: Warzone players shows the freeze landing glitch that previously plagued the online shooter has reared its head yet again.

Freezing glitches are nothing new to long-time Warzone players. A similar error recently stopped users in their tracks on the Fortune’s Keep map, for example.

Even ground loot and Buy Station glitches have frozen Warzone’s in-game action in recent months.

In February, landing on Caldera and Rebirth Island immediately halted progress, too, resulting in players devising their own temporary fixes to avoid the issue.

While the problem eventually received a proper fix, it seems to have resurfaced.

Warzone bug that freezes the game when landing has returned

Reddit user triliris posted a gameplay video that demonstrates the unfortunate return of Warzone’s freezing glitch.

In the clip, the player experiences the match’s cinematic intro sequence just fine. Selecting a spot to jump and the jump itself run smoothly, too.

However, trouble strikes mere seconds after triliris touches down on Rebirth Island’s Prison Block. The freezing occurs about 45 seconds into the video, once the user begins grabbing loot strewn across the rooftop.

After about half a minute of waiting, the player finds themselves kicked out of the game due to a “Connection” error.

Since the freezing issue doesn’t occur until the player begins looting items from the ground, this could constitute another loot-based error.

As of writing, however, the specifics surrounding the bug aren’t known. Whether or not there’s a temporary fix in place presently remains a mystery, as well.

Here’s to hoping Warzone’s latest freeze landing issue is resolved sooner rather than later.