Warzone glitch brings dead players back to life for victory screen

Warzone gameplayActivision

Warzone glitches range from tedious to game-breaking, but the latest bug provided some innocent laughs instead.

Performance issues and bugs are nothing new for Warzone; unfortunately, Season 5 introduced a slew of problems. Players slammed the newly added Last Call LTM for “frustrating” lag issues and were angered by “horrible” sun glare issues.

Warzone cheaters are also getting free kills by glitching under Fortune’s Keep after the latest update. Warzone has received a lot of flack for a less-than-stellar season launch.

On a much lighter note, a bug redeployed an entire lobby during a victory cutscene.

Warzone operator aimingActivision
Bugs have always been an issue in Warzone to varying degrees.

Warzone bug revives dead players

A Warzone player shared an image of dead players revived during a victory cutscene.

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Winning a Warzone round is no easy feat, so for some, this may have been their first chance at appearing in a victory cutscene.

Poking fun at the whole incident, the post creator responded, “class photos be like,” and a second user added, “3,2,1 say cheese.”

The poster also claimed to try and take down the other players during the cutscene. “I opened fire, but of course, they were immortal for some reason.”

A third player claimed, “last week, I discovered the cutscene guys fire real bullets, apparently. The cut scene played, they started shooting, and all of the sudden, I got the donk sound and “Warzone Death Saved.

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Performance issues usually hinder a player’s experience, but it’s a pleasant change of pace seeing a harmless bug cause a moment of fun for the Warzone community.