Warzone devs rush out fix for infinite Gas Mask glitch in Season 3

. 1 year ago
Warzone Season 3 Gas Mask Glitch

One of Warzone’s most infamous bugs returned in full force as players encountered the unbreakable Gas Mask glitch yet again in Season 3.

Throughout Warzone’s 14 month history, there’s no denying that lethal gas around the map has led to more issues than anything else. From the painful stim-glitch era to pesky animations that could just ruin a run, players have had to endure a great deal.

One of the first gas-related bugs had been dormant for quite some time. Unbreakable Gas Masks were prevalent in the early days of Verdansk, though this particular bug was considered fixed for the past few months.

With Season 3 now in full swing, however, the classic glitch returned once again. Players encountered Gas Masks that simply never expired, allowing them to remain out in the open for as long as they like.

Playing through a regular Trios match on May 10, Reddit user ‘kobosil41’ noticed something peculiar. One of their teammates was in the ‘red zone’ without suffering any damage. Standing outside of the circle near Prison, they roamed the map as though there was never any gas.

Towards the bottom of their screen, the Gas Mask icon keeps refreshing.

Despite being depleted, the equipment never breaks. Remaining enemies battled in the final zones. All the while, this player was able to avoid conflict by hiding out in the gas.

There’s no telling exactly how the returning bug came into effect this time around. In its original form, it happened to be a completely random glitch that could strike at any moment. Well aware of the original issue, devs quickly moved to issue a remedy back in August, 2020. Despite their efforts, it soon returned and spread across Verdansk ’84.

Just days after the bug caused headaches once again, Raven Software confirmed a quick fix on Thursday, May 13. “An exploit has been addressed that was allowing players to use the Gas Mask indefinitely,” the official Warzone Trello board outlined.

Warzone Season 3 gas gameplay
While the glitch was live in Warzone Season 3, players could score easy wins by hiding out in the gas.

Continuing the trend, Raven Software has been far more vocal since Season 3 arrived. From constant updates on social media to more detailed patch notes, communication has stepped up a notch of late.

While the Gas Mask bug was in effect for a few days, you’ll no longer have to worry about it when travelling through Verdansk in Season 3.

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