Warzone fans want Raven to copy Battlefield 2042 Portal idea

. 11 months ago
Battlefield 2042 Warzone Verdansk Portal
EA / Activision

Warzone fans have called on Raven to introduce Battlefield 2042’s Portal feature to Warzone and Call of Duty, which would allow fan-favorite weapons, vehicles, and more into every title, and the battle royale. 

The Battlefield 2042 trailer impressed large portions of the internet, with many speculating (as normal) over its potential to oust Call of Duty as the world’s biggest and most popular casual FPS series.

One major feature that has been raising eyebrows is Battlefield’s new Portal feature. The sandbox mode accompanies the modes Battlefield fans have come to expect from the series and allows players to create their own gaming experiences based on the content of past titles.

Every map, weapon, vehicle, and asset from 2042 itself be available in Portal, but so too will elements from previous titles. Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 will all be brought back to some degree through Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield Portal 2042
Electronic Arts
Battlefield 2042’s Portal is being looked upon enviously from other FPS fans.

Such a popular mode was bound to attract attention, and plenty of Call of Duty creators are now calling for the same in Warzone. Players could pick from fan-favorite maps, modes, and more to create their own battle royale experiences.

“And that’s how you incorporate remastered content into your game,” Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson said. “I have a feeling we’ll be getting a “Call of Duty Portal” in the next 5 years.”

Although plenty of CoDs have incorporated the series’ past weapons and maps (no more so than Black Ops Cold War), there has never been an in-game mode specifically devoted to letting players flex their creative and nostalgic muscles.

CoD YouTuber Chaosxsilencer was also complimentary, saying it could be the next big thing and asking his followers to imagine a CoD Portal.

CoD YouTuber Matterz described it as “mad cool” and wanted to see something similar in Call of Duty.

Ex-Call of Duty caster Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop even shared his own Portal creation – a “fun and wacky” game mode where players can spawn in with any loadout.

It’s an incredible addition to Battlefield 2042 and, given the community’s near-constant clamor for a return to past Call of Duty titles, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Activision try and implement something similar in Warzone, future Call of Duty titles, or both.

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