Warzone fans stunned as UAV prices drastically increased by new holiday event

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific holiday festive fervor elf

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s holiday event, Festive Fervor, brings a new tweak each day. But the community is treating December 24’s gift present like coal, shocked at the decision to outright double UAV prices.

For each day of Warzone’s Festive Fervor event, Raven Software have added a new wrinkle to the Pacific. One day, melee punch damage was doubled. Another day, killing elves granted players an Armor Satchel.

Most recently, on December 23, every player deployed into Caldera with a Gas Mask. But, while those Advent Calendar-esque surprises weren’t insignificant, all pale in comparison to December 24’s edition: a doubling of UAV and halving of Precision Airstrike costs.

For Christmas Eve, UAVs will now cost a whopping $12,000 – triple their price in Verdansk and 20% more than a loadout. And, hoping to shove this stuffer back into the stocking, the community is quite displeased.

Warzone holiday event raises UAV costs

Calling the new daily event “Holiday Hijinx,” Raven explained that Precisions now cost half as much, while UAVs cost double. They posted the news with an exclamation point and fun holiday emojis, but the responses have been far from cheery.

In the replies, FaZe Clan streamer Swagg responded with a “you cannot be serious” and OpTic creator Sebas said “they gotta be trolling.” Meanwhile, fellow streamer Speros_OG simply pondered: “I thought these were meant to be gifts to the community.” 

Warzone community stunned by “sad” holiday UAV change

While there are a few sprinkles of players supportive of the change, the majority sentiment is clear. The word “disconnect” popped up frequently, which streamer KaleiRenay honed in on with her response as well: “You guys are so disconnected with your community, it’s actually so sad.”

Fortunately, the change will only last one day. Afterward, the rotation of daily holiday events will continue – with Day 10’s version expected to be “Endless Cheer,” where Gulag winners will be able to keep revisiting the Gulag upon each death.