Warzone fans slam “delusional” decision to extend Krampus holiday event

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone fans slam delusional decision to extend Krampus holiday event

The Warzone Krampus holiday event hasn’t brought much festive spirit to the community and now players are stuck with the beast even longer as the devs extended its stay.

Warzone’s Festive Fervor began on December 17, 2021 and with it came naughty little elves, a holiday makeover, and, of course, Krampus.

This monster has been terrorizing the streets of Caldera for quite some time and ruining countless matches.

While the mythical beast is going away soon, it will be around longer than expected as Raven Software have extended the divisive holiday event.

Warzone fans upset by holiday event extension 

According to the Raven Software’s Warzone Trello board, the Festive Fervor is now scheduled to end on January 5 at 10 AM PT. This is an entire extra day than originally planned and players are not fond of it.

Warzone players have been haunted by Krampus for nearly three weeks and were looking forward to some changes now that the team has returned from vacation.

However, that will need to wait as the event is going on for even longer, which has left the community mind-blown. One fan said, “You’ve got to be f**king joking.”

Other players chimed in with their two cents, but none of the replies were rejoicing over this news.

While it is only one additional day that players will need to deal with Krampus, the community seem to feel that they have been left in the dust the past few weeks as the game isn’t in the best state.

One person said, “Absolutely delusional, [the] game could die at this stage and would be deserved.” Others agreed and are furious as they feel that Raven continues to push Warzone’s issues aside.