Warzone fans hopeful for fixes & balancing as devs return from holidays

call of duty warzone pacific tier 100 skinActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone is in such a messy state that players are keeping track of the developers’ holiday vacation. Now, with that break ending, players are hoping that bugs will be fixed and weapons will be balanced.

On December 22, Warzone fans learned that the game’s developers were heading into holiday vacation. Additionally, it was revealed that the strike surrounding quality assurance testers was still ongoing and had been met with “no response.”

Now, around two weeks later, those devs are reportedly returning to work and won’t have any shortage of items to deal with. From invisible skins and hackers to overpowered shotguns and fire ammo, players have a long list of needed fixes.

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At this point, complaints about the game have ranged from Activision’s direction for the franchise coming under question to even JGOD asking how appropriate that vacation time was. Fortunately, some are back at their desks and players are hopeful for change.

Warzone devs return to work amid fan backlash

As tweeted by ModernWarzone, Activision employees are now believed to be getting back into the groove of things following the holidays.

In the replies, many were reluctant to build up their expectations. One user said “they don’t deserve time off” and another pessimistically assured others that it’s “not like them being back is going to fix things anyway.”

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Warzone fans hold out hope despite ongoing strike

While Activision employee representatives explained that the strike was still happening on December 31, some players are still staying optimistic. MWZ said he’s “expecting a big weapon balancing patch” this week, as others said “bug fixes” should come first.

If around 99 Warzone employees are on strike, it’s unclear just how much they’ll be able to accomplish and just how quickly. Regardless, a number are turning to work and that means there’s a chance for the game’s issues to start getting fixed.