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Warzone fans demand floor loot changes after “horrible” M60 & 1911 issues

Published: 28/May/2021 17:03

by James Busby


Having a decent floor loot gun you can rely on in Warzone is incredibly important, but the Season 3 Reloaded update has drastically changed that. 

Every Warzone Season brings something new to the table. From deadly weapons to POIs, there’s always plenty of new content for players to discover. While the Season 3 Reloaded update has brought some incredibly fun additions, it has also introduced a number of frustrating features. The main one being that of the terrible floor loot. 

Just like every battle royale title, Warzone features a wide variety of guns that players can find scattered around Verdansk. Obtaining decent floor loot is particularly important, especially in the first few minutes when loadouts aren’t readily available. In fact, the guns you find will largely define the outcome of the next firefight, which makes finding a decent weapon all the more important. 


Black Ops Cold War Gunsmith
Activision / Treyarch
The M60 is pretty unwieldly in Warzone.

Unfortunately, the addition of the M1911 and M60 as floor loot has had a negative impact on these early-game firefights. Not only are both these guns incredibly common, but they are also some of the most unusable weapons in the game. In fact, things have gotten so bad that Warzone players have started to voice their frustrations online.

“There’s literally no good reason for there to be four variations of the starter pistol on ground loot,” says PearkerJK12. “Especially since one of the variations is literally the starter pistol.” There’s certainly no denying how frustrating it is when you up a sidearm, only to be gunned down by a player with an AR. 


However, the sheer amount of pistols and M60’s are making early-game firefights incredibly tiresome. “In a season where the ground loot has been horrible, it would be nice to cut the sh*t and give us something decent to land on and remove the starter pistols from the ground,” ends PearkerJK12. 

1911 in cod black ops cold war
Activision / Treyarch
The 1911 is another gun that has been causing frustrations.

The majority of replies agreed that the M60 is “absolutely terrible” with one player noting that they’d “rather take my chances with the 1911 than pick up one of the ground M60s.” Aside from the Bullfrog, PPSH, MAC-10, and XM4 – there appears to be very little floor loot consistency in Season 3. 


“Problem is the drop rates are all f***ed, says AN_Ohio_State. “I find 10 Hauers, 10 M60s, 5 revolvers, 3 1911s, and a few RPDs before I find a usable f***ing weapon. Makes resetting from the gulag or hot dropping a f***king nightmare. 

Whether Raven Software will adjust the floor loot to address this issue remains to be seen, but for now, you’ll need to get used to the M60 and 1911.