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Warzone fans demand fix for Riot Shield invincibility bug again

Published: 30/Nov/2021 11:11

by Alex Garton


Despite affecting the Warzone community for countless seasons, the invincibility glitch is still a huge issue in Season 6 and players are demanding a fix.

While Warzone remains one of the most popular battle royales in the genre, it’s garnered a reputation for the countless bugs and exploits that regularly affect the gameplay experience.

Although the devs attempt to patch these issues out of the game, a lot of the serious glitches seem to pop back up over and over again.

One of which is the infamous Riot Shield explosion bug, which makes any player affected completely unkillable and immune to any kind of damage.


Well, the glitch has raised its head again in Season 6 and the community is demanding a fix from Raven Software ahead of the Season 7 update.

Warzone Riot Shield
The Riot Shield invincibility glitch has been an issue for multiple seasons.

Warzone’s invincibility glitch is still affecting players

As showcased by a thread posted to the CODWarzone Reddit by Lma0-Zedong over five months ago, the Riot Shield invincibility glitch has been a serious problem in-game for multiple seasons.

It occurs when a player wielding a Riot Shield is shot by the Rytec with explosive rounds or a Combat Bow. For whatever reason, the interaction causes the player to become completely invulnerable to damage, making it impossible for opponents to take them down.


Now, in Season 6, the bug is being posted regularly to the game’s subreddit, with players abusing the exploit to pick up wins with no competition.

Saramdee was left in a 1v1 for the victory in their Warzone match when they ran into an opponent with the “godmode” glitch.

Godmode hack is back from CODWarzone

In the comments, users pointed out that the bug had been an issue in Warzone for a long time and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get fixed anytime soon, despite it being a game-breaking issue.

“This is the riot shield bug that has existed for a while… Get killed with combat bow or apparently the Rytec exploding rounds and you can’t die,” a player explained.


Other users simply expressed their disappointment over the developers being part of a “Triple-A company” that isn’t fixing the core issues players are experiencing.

Either way, as this bug has been running rampant for multiple seasons, it’s unlikely a solution will arrive in the near future.