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Warzone fans deem Rebirth Island kill counter “fake” for community challenge

Published: 26/Mar/2022 23:25

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone Season 2 Reloaded introduced the Community Challenge, where players need to combine forces and complete tasks to unlock rewards. However, fans are convinced that the objective is impossible to do and the kill counter is fake. 

When the mid-season update was released on March 23 Warzone, players were treated to a handful of Rebirth content.

From new POIs to hidden vaults, there is a lot to unpack. Part of this included the community challenge event, which is being used to unlock rewards like the Weapon Trade System.

However, to complete this Rebirth players need to combine for 20 billion kills, but the Warzone community thinks it’s fake.


Warzone players call out “fake” kill tracker

In a Reddit post by ‘DefunctHunk_COD’ the user brings up that Raven Software must be making up numbers as “there’s no f**king way” they’re halfway done with the first challenge.

Warzone community tracker
After opening Warzone you can check the progress of the community challenge.

When you log into Warzone you can view the progress that the community has made, and after two days, it read 10 billion kills, which seems absurd. Hunk said that he believes that it’s going up a “predetermined rate” to encourage people to play.

One Redditor even took it as far as doing the math and “proving” that it’s fake. They took the active player amount on a Friday night, which was about 300k. If a player is dying once a minute for an entire day then that is 432 million kills a day.


Warzone fans think Raven are faking the kill numbers on the challenge.

And since the update was released March 23, that means this is well under the 10 billion that it currently reads at the time of writing this.

The community isn’t sold on them actually doing anything to accomplish this and feels that Raven Software is just adding numbers randomly to make them think “they’re contributing to a common goal.”

Warzone devs haven’t addressed this, but based on the math, players aren’t sold on being at 10 billion kills in just two days.