Warzone fans confused by lack of in-game content to celebrate 2-year birthday

call of duty warzone pacific birthdayActivision / Pexels

Call of Duty: Warzone launched on March 10, 2020 and, on the day of its two-year anniversary, players are absolutely baffled by the absence of any in-game content to celebrate the occasion.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Warzone changed the trajectory of the CoD franchise or even that it shifted the gaming and esports landscape overall. It’s been dubbed the most influential Call of Duty title of all time and has awarded nearly $9 million in prizes to tournament competitors, per EsportsEarnings.

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Despite that level of impact, the second anniversary of Warzone’s launch has seemingly gone unnoticed in the game. Outside of a regularly scheduled playlist update, there isn’t a single in-game change to commemorate the occasion.

While social media is lit ablaze with people’s favorite highlights and moments from the title’s past two years, Warzone itself is devoid of celebration. This has left the community perplexed.

Warzone fans confused by lack of anniversary content

After seeing Warzone’s developers, Raven Software, tweet about the game’s second birthday – Redditors wondered why there was nothing in the game to celebrate. ‘Nintendo_Pro_03’ posted about the tweet, asking “no content for Warzone Pacific to celebrate this?”

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In response, a number of players gave their explanations for the absence of new in-game content. The top-voted reply had a simple reaction to the situation: “New content means more bugs. We already have so many bugs to deal with!”

mines poi in calderaActivision
Some players were hoping for a return to Verdansk to celebrate Warzone’s birthday.

Another agreed, noting that – even if there was new in-game content to celebrate – players would simply “flood the comments” demanding that the devs fixed other issues first.

While one user noted that there’s no precedent for celebrating Warzone’s birthday in-game, others still seemed to have their hopes dashed. A number of players were wishing for a new map, or even for Verdansk to return as a limited-time mode.

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