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Call of Duty fans concerned WW2 integration could be the “death” of Warzone

Published: 9/Aug/2021 11:26 Updated: 9/Aug/2021 11:30

by James Busby


As we inch ever closer to CoD Vanguard’s release, many Warzone players are concerned over the imminent WW2 weapon integration. 

Call of Duty Vanguard aims to transport us back to the brutal yet familiar settings of  WW2, giving players the chance to add classic guns to their loadouts. While Warzone features a number of classic weapons, the popular BR currently focuses on modern-day guns and equipment. 

However, this will change when Vanguard releases later this year. Just like Black Ops Cold War’s integration, Sledgehammer will be aiming to implement devastating weaponry from the 1940s conflict. Guns like the Thompson SMG and M1 Garand rifle will likely see action in Warzone, but many CoD fans are concerned that this integration could upset the balance of the game. 


Warzone and Vanguard weapon integration

Call of Duty Vanguard weapon integration
Activision / Sledgehammer Games
Vanguard’s weapon integration could prove problematic.

“The very thought of WW2 guns flooding the game like with Cold War or going back in time just sounds like the death of Warzone,” said RelationshipOne2969. “Most of the WW2 guns are totally inferior but for performance sake, they will be buffed to ridiculous levels to make them viable and sell blueprints.”

This sentiment was also shared by a lot commenters, who also highlighted just how broken Black Ops Cold War’s guns were upon release. In fact, the vast majority of Cold War’s weapons underperformed in every category until the developers buffed them. 

Warzone Vanguard integration
Cold War’s weapon integration wasn’t exactly smooth.

Since then, there have been numerous balance issues that have impacted the current health of Warzone’s meta. Fans also noted that seeing WW2 weapons outper4form their modern counterparts would just feel strange. 


“It’s just thematically weird seeing an StG outperform something like a SG 556 (Grau) in every aspect,” says GigaNiko. “I don’t really care about realism, but still, at least balance MW weapons a bit on par with CW (and future WW2) guns. Everyone knows they will nerf the sh*t out of CW guns so people would start using WW2 guns and perhaps buy new CoD.”

There are also fears surrounding weapon attachments and how the gunsmith will work with these classic guns. Quite how smoothly Vanguard’s integration into Warzone remains to be seen, but for now, it seems fans are extremely hesitant.