Warzone fans blast devs for removing fast weapon level grind modes & methods

James Busby

The removal of core game modes from Warzone’s playlists continues to anger the community, with many now calling for changes to current LTMs. 

Warzone’s Plunder game mode has been popular amongst fans since its introduction to the game. This is partly down to the constant respawns, quick firefights, and the ability to level up guns fast. It’s because of these features that modes like Plunder are used by many players to grind out attachments. 

However, with the arrival of the new Ghosts of Verdansk event, Activision has removed Plunder and other casual modes from the playlist. Not only has this made it increasingly difficult for players to level up weapons, but it has also sparked outrage amongst the community

Warzone players outraged by constant mode removal

Warzone gameplay
Warzone’s choice to remove Plunder has outraged fans.

For many Warzone players, Plunder-style modes provide a more casual approach to combat when compared to the highly competitive nature of the game’s quads and trios. Not only do constant respawns make getting kills and leveling up guns faster, but it also enables players to practice certain mechanics. 

Even if you happen to die, you’ll be thrust straight back into the action with your desired loadout in no time. However, the recent removal of Plunder has sparked outrage from members of the Warzone community. 

“I get that [Plunder is] not everybody’s favorite, but plenty of us did like it,” explained Badsamm. “Why the constant f***ing with all the game modes, when they rarely get better? Never in my life have I paid to play a game only to have it taken from me. What the f**k is that?”

Warzone squad playing Plunder
Warzone’s Plunder-style modes have always proven useful for grinding quick XP.

Players currently believe that either Plunder, Clash, Payload, Kingslayer, or Rumble should be active at all times. This would help players that don’t own Cold War and Modern Warfare to level up guns and stay up to date with the current meta weapons. 

“I just want them to always have a mode available that has unconditional respawns with loadouts for casuals like myself,” replied Hexent_Armana. It doesn’t really matter which one to me as long as one of them is available. Battle Royale is a neat concept but the loop gets boring fast.”

Plunder will likely return after the Ghosts of Verdansk mode has wrapped up, but for now, Warzone players will have to use other game modes to level up their loadouts.