Warzone fans baffled by invisible gas bug ruining matches

Warzone characters with gas masks in gasActivision

Warzone players have been left frustrated by another obnoxious (emphasis on noxious) bug in Caldera, this time relating to invisible gas clouds forming and damaging unaware players. 

Despite the excitement that surrounded Caldera and Warzone Pacific more broadly, fans of the CoD battle royale have mainly been left disappointed by the changes as a plethora of unwelcome bugs and glitches surface in-game.

We’ve seen Warzone resembling a Nintendo 64 game because of major texture issues on console, as well as cheaters flying in big bertha trucks despite RICOCHET anti-cheat supposedly being in full force.

Now, players have been drawing attention to another problem, this time relating to invisible gas clouds.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Map with pacific logoActivision
Warzone Pacific has got off to a very rough start.

Redditor ‘mario135790‘ shared a clip from a game of Plunder in which they kept taking damage from invisible gas clouds.

Despite receiving no visible warnings – usually Warzone’s gas is easily identifiable as a putrid green haze – the player continues to receive the small ticks of damage brought about by being stuck in the gas cloud.

What’s more is they are nowhere near the shrinking circle of gas designed to funnel players into a smaller and smaller area.

Other posts on the game’s subreddit reflected similar problems, as players take damage from invisible gas clouds that seemingly spawn out of nowhere.

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Although a cause is not entirely clear, some players who had experienced the bug claimed it stems from players using Stopping Power rounds and killing opponents with them.

It’s obviously an unintended bug, made all the more difficult to avoid because of the invisibility of the gas.

At the time of writing, Raven have not responded to the problems specifically, but they have confirmed Warzone and Vanguard Season 2 is delayed to allow the relevant studios time to firefight and improve Warzone’s quality. This is just another problem to add to the list.