Warzone fan creates Stranger Things crossover with gruesome Vecna finisher

Warzone Season 4 poster with Stranger Things' VecnaActivision / Netflix

Netflix’s Stranger Things is one of the biggest TV shows on the planet, especially after the runaway success of Season 4, and one Warzone player has paid tribute to the show by creating a truly brutal finisher inspired by Vecna.

Warzone is no stranger to a crossover with popular franchises. The Verdansk days saw the CoD battle royale made use of 80s action heroes like John McClane and Rambo, while Season 3 on Caldera came with a Godzilla x King King event.

While some have been more well-received than others, there’s clearly a large portion of the playerbase that loves to see Raven embrace its inner Fortnite.

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Now, with Stranger Things dominating popular culture, one Warzone fan has taken matters into their own hands and created a finishing move based on Season 4’s villain.

Stranger Things villain turned into Warzone finisher

If you’ve been on the internet sometime in the last few months, chances are you’ve seen or heard something about Vecna. The terrifying Stranger Things Season 4 baddie made quite a splash as he terrorized the town of Hawkins and threatened to end the world as we know it.

Kate Bush aside, one of the most-talked-about elements of the show is the utterly brutal way he claims his victims. Reddit user Mistakingcone99 used this as the basis for a Warzone Finishing Move, which he then shared a clip of.

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Fans will instantly recognize the appearance of the grandfather clock, as it was the chimes of a similar clock that signaled Vecna’s arrival during the series. This was followed by the uncomfortable cracking of bones as they telepathically held their enemy in the sky.

Although the user claims it only took them 30 minutes to throw together, other players were clearly impressed by the proposed finisher and seemed to welcome the idea of a Warzone x Stranger Things crossover.

“This is pretty cool and I’d definitely want a Murray skin,” said one reply. “Brutal! I love it,” said another.

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With Stranger Things Season 4 already out, sadly, it’s unlikely we’ll see any official crossovers between the show and Warzone. We’ll have to wait and see if Raven has any plans in the pipeline for Season 4 Reloaded and beyond.