Warzone expert reveals best new meta weapons after Season 3 update

Warzone Season 3 OperatorsActivision

Warzone Season 3 has arrived with a huge number of changes to the game’s growing roster of weapons, completely shifting the balance of power. Warzone guru WhosImmortal has picked out the guns that have crept into the meta following the major update.

As is the case with every major update, Warzone Season 3 has gone through great lengths to shake up the existing meta. Buffs and nerfs to many tried-and-tested weapons, as well as the introduction of the new Nikita AVT and M1916, have changed which guns are among the best.

While some have kept their place at the top, a few outsiders that weren’t considered Warzone’s most effective weapons have snuck into the meta in Season 3. Warzone expert WhosImmortal has revealed the new meta on Caldera.

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player using nikita assault rifle in codActivision
Buffs and nerfs, along with the two new guns have shaken up the meta in Warzone Season 3.

During his April 28 video, WhosImmortal broke down every single weapon in Warzone, ranking them into tiers from “garbage” up to “meta.” In between, he also had rankings of “niche, below average, viable, and competitive.”

Many of the known meta weapons like the Welgun or XM4 kept their place in the top tier, but the YouTuber felt that two from the second rank have now earned a promotion.

First up, he considered the Modern Warfare AUG to now be a meta weapon on Caldera. “The TTK on this thing is crazy. With the ammo conversion or the 9mm, it’s kind of nuts how powerful this is,” WhosImmortal explained. “So, I do feel it has a home in top meta right now.”

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Then he moved the FARA 83 from the lower end of “competitive” into the highest tier. He justified his decision by saying: “It’s got a very, very similar TTK to things like the Vargo or XM4. It’s got good recoil and if it can match that TTK then the stats sort of speak for themselves.”

After the changes, he showed off the 14 weapons that he now believes make up the Warzone Season 3 meta:

  • AK-47
  • C58
  • Vargo 52
  • XM4
  • LAPA
  • CR-56 Amax
  • Type 100
  • Owen Gun
  • MP-40
  • PPSh-41
  • Sten
  • Welgun
  • AS44
  • DP27

Other weapons didn’t fare so well. Many of the game’s Sniper Rifles have been seriously hurt by the drastic Season 3 nerf, which means that many can no longer score one-shot kills with headshots unless enemies are within around 50 meters. This means that for the first time in a long-time, the Kar98k and Swiss K31 slipped out of the meta.

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The Bren also got hit with another nerf, impacting its horizontal recoil and overall damage, which saw it fall from meta into competitive. WhosImmortal said: “It’s going to be a decent option for players, but it’s nowhere near what it once was.”

Immortal also had his say on the two weapons and where they fit in the current meta. He noted that the Nikta AVT is “is feeling pretty good” thanks to its good range and low recoil, before placing it in “competitive.” The M1916, however, got stuck in Tier 3 as he believed it was “awkward to use.”

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Now that you know which weapons have joined the meta in Warzone Season 3, be sure to get in there and level them up ahead of the Operation Monarch event and the arrival of King Kong and Godzilla.