Warzone expert predicts big nerf for fan-favorite LMG in meta update

WhosImmortal streamingWhosImmortal

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded has the potential to be the battle royale’s final significant weapon tuning update, and WhosImmortal expects a major meta shakeup.

Warzone’s memorable run comes to an end after Season 5. The final Season update added POI changes, a new Gulag, and several weapon buffs and nerfs to shake up the meta.

We now know that Warzone 2 launches on November 16. Based on previous updates, we expect Season 5 Reloaded to launch at a date around Wednesday, October 5.

There are new Operators arriving in Season 5 Reloaded, as well as two new weapons promised in the Season 5 patch notes: the Lienna 57 and the BP50. Warzone expert WhosImmortal predicted potential nerfs coming to the update.

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WhosImmortal predicts UGM-8 Nerf

Warzone Operator using UGM-8Activision
The UGM-8 drops enemies incredibly quickly.

So what makes the UGM-8 so powerful?

WhosImmortal argued during his September 23 YouTube video, “The UGM for mid to long-range is insane, and while you have things like the Grau, Automaton, and Cooper that are good for long range, The UGM kills so much faster than all of them, it’s not even a close comparison.”

The Warzone expert discussed in the past Raven based their weapon tuning on how often a weapon was selected and how often players one while using them.

WZ Ranked has the UGM-8 as the third most picked weapon in Warzone. The versatile LMG also boasts a game-best K/D and the best win rate when used. It meets all of the previously mentioned criteria to qualify for a nerf.

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“The first and most obvious change I see coming with this meta update is a nerf to the UGM-8,” WhosImmortal said.

WhosImmortal predicted a damage reduction to put it more in line with other long-range weapons.

Topping the charts for most selected weapons in Warzone is the PPSh- 41 and Armaguera Vanguard SMGs. The Warzone expert also predicted nerfs for both overpowered short-range weapons in the Season 5 Reloaded update.

We will provide full patch notes once the update goes live.